Como aumentar a imagem no Photoshop CS6 / CC sem perder qualidade

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When downloading some small images online, you might take it for granted to aumente uma imagem no Photoshop without losing quality. It should be a big problem for most web designers to add posts to their websites. As for the Photoshop beginner and the professional techy, it would be hard to handle many photos with the requirement. You can learn how to use Photoshop to blow up or enlarge a picture from the following tutorial. We also introduce you to other ways to make an image larger without Photoshop.

Make An Image Larger in Photoshop

Parte 1: Como aumentar uma imagem no Photoshop

Etapa 1: Adicionar imagem ao Photoshop

When you launch Photoshop on your computer, you can add the image you want to make larger into the program. Then click the Imagem E escolha Tamanho da Imagem from the dropdown list (Imagem > Tamanho da Imagem).

escolher o tamanho da imagem

Step 2: Make the image larger in Photoshop

Quando o Tamanho da Imagem window pops up, you can enter Width and Height values to change the image size. Before changing, please be sure that you check the Restringir proporções option. You can also change the image resolution by entering a new value. For the Resample option, you can check it to allow the total number of pixels to adjust in proportion when changing the image size or resolution or uncheck it to disallow changing.


Step 3: Select the resampling option

You'd better select the resampling method, which will create new pixel information to enlarge the image in Photoshop. As for the Bicubic Smoother option, Photoshop will interpolate (or make pixel information) and produce the best results when enlarging images.

Resample Image

Etapa 4: Salve fotos com o Photoshop

Depois disso, você pode clicar no OK button to save photos with Photoshop. As for the method, you have successfully made an image larger in Photoshop. When you have multiple pictures, you can follow the process to editar fotos para cada imagem.

salvar imagem maior

Parte 2: Como aumentar uma imagem online sem Photoshop

There are many online redimensionadores de imagem on the Internet that can make an image larger without using Photoshop. Let's take ResizeImage.net as an example.

Passo 1: Enter the resizeimage.com on the browser.

Passo 2: Clique no Carregar uma imagem button to choose the photo from your computer. You can upload an image in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format with max. 100MB and 100MP. (For Formato GIF is 30MB and 10MP).

Passo 3: Resize your image by percentage or resize it to be the size you specified with keeping the aspect ratio on the Resize your image seção.

Passo 4: After making the image larger, click the Redimensionar imagem button to save the larger photo. You can check the former image and resized image information after resizing. You can also choose to view or download the larger picture from the word link.

aumentar a imagem online

Parte 3: Como aumentar uma imagem com software livre sem Photoshop

galão é um free photo converter to enlarge images with minimum quality loss. Here you can use Gimp to make an image larger.

Passo 1: Install and open Gimp and add your image, then go to Imagem > Dimensionar imagem.

Passo 2: Enter your desired dimensions on the boxes and choose Sinc (Lanczos3) under the Quality section.

Passo 3: After finishing, click the Escala button to save the larger image on your computer.


Parte 4: Melhor método alternativo para aumentar imagens no Photoshop

If you want to enlarge many images or batch convert them to a specific size, it would be hard to make the image larger with Photoshop. As for the case, WidsMob ImageConvert is a highly recommended program.

1. Batch resize images in 4 different modes, By Width, By Height, Percentage, and Free, which even enable you to enlarge small images.

2. Convert images and Arquivos RAW into JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and more other photo formats.

3. Add captions and images as a watermark. Enable to adjust font, style, color, opacity, size, angle, position, and more in batch.

4. Aplique o efeitos de fotografia or add a watermark. And provide an instant preview of the result from the interface for all the image files.

Win Download Mac Download

Etapa 1: adicionar imagens ao programa

Clique na Abre button in the middle to add all the images to the program. Or drag and drop all the pictures or folders to it and enlarge all the photos within one click.

Step 2: Choose the enlarged modes

After that, you can choose the desired mode to make the image larger in batch as a Photoshop alternative. Here is the different conversion mode you can choose to enlarge photos Por largura, Pela altura, Percentagem e a Grátis.

Adicionar foto ao ImageConvert

Etapa 3: aumentar as imagens em lote

Enter the pixels you need to enlarge images and check the Enlarge small image opção. Depois disso, você pode clicar no Comece a converter button and choose the output format to make images large in one click.

Win Download Mac Download


When you need to make one image large in Photoshop, you can find the detailed steps above. Of course, you can also get information on making an image large online or with some freeware. But what should you do to make a large number of images larger with ease? WidsMob ImageConvert should be the best alternative to make photos larger in Photoshop. If you have any other queries about the topic, you can share more information in the comments.